Welcome to CaregivingTech

Our team here at CaregivingTech are caregivers just like you.  We too experience the ebb and flow of good and bad times.  Days that last forever and months that vanish in an instant.  Like you, we consider it our duty to serve.

We are members of the 40 million plus silent army of caregivers who serve and protect our most vulnerable family members.  Many serve without  pay. Our ranks aren’t increasing to keep pace with the demands before us.  In fact, we need 117 million more caregivers by 2030.

Our readiness is wearing out.  We know that our sacrifice puts us at a higher risk for insomnia, stress induced diseases, substance abuse, physical injury, mental illness and accelerated complications from the chronic conditions that we brought with us as new recruits.

Our Army will not get the rest and relaxation we deserve anytime soon.  The is why we created CaregivingTech.com.  Our goal is to equip you with products and strategies for the length of your deployment.  Thank you for you service.

Monica Stynchula is the CEO & Founder of REUNIONCare, Inc. She delivers the excitement and energy along with the intuitiveness of what just works in our thriving senior communities. JR Keene, REUNIONCare’s CIO, masterminds the web design, data management and market automation. Feef Anthony, whom is our Mobile Application Developer, brings the the action and wonderful service to your mobile devices.

Meet The Team