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Technology plays a larger role in our lives now than ever in human history. But tech is meaningless without human touch. That’s what Caregiving Tech is all about. We combine your human touch with the best technical and non-technical solutions to help vulnerable people, and those that care for them live a life filled with joy and independence.

Today we are living longer than any other time in human history. In fact, the fastest-growing demographic group is the 85 years and older people walking the earth. Amazing achievement set to continue with all the medical advancements of this century. The question is, will we live longer and sicker or longer with health and vitality?

Caregiving Tech is your free resource and bridge REUNIONCare, Inc software made just for care coordination and management. Best of all, it is free to family caregivers. We sell our software to the community organizations and healthcare services that work with you. Together, Caregiving Tech and REUNIONCare reduce your out-of-pocket spending on caregiving enabling you to use your money to save for your future care.

Monica Stynchula is the CEO & Founder of REUNIONCare, Inc. She delivers the excitement and energy along with the intuitiveness of what just works in our thriving senior communities. JR Keene, REUNIONCare’s CIO, masterminds web design, data management, and market automation. 

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