Marie Kondo Challenges Our Connections to the Past

Pop culture icon Marie Kondo is challenging us to unburden our lives in her hit Netflix show. Years of things are building up in our homes and complicating our lives. Our pack rat, hoarding, or just depression-era tendencies are hard to undo but can burden us with the stuff that makes life heavy.  Our wish for you is to bring joy and independence to the everyday tasks of your life.

A Wardrobe for Today

Fashions come and fashions go and then they come back.  It’s so tempting to hold on to the favorites for the next time around the fashion cycle.  In fact, the problem with this approach is many of those treasured items are difficult to manipulate as we age.

Organize like a Pro

The REUNIONCare team recommends removing all the items that have not been used in the past year and re-evaluate their likelihood of wearing them again.  Arrange the frequently worn items in these easy to access organizers like the Foldable clothing cubes and five shelves hanging organizer.  Do the same for shoes and boots with an organizer.   All the remaining items are ready to move on to the resale shop.

Putting on Your Best Face Everyday

Simplifying grooming items enable our loved ones to remain independent with these daily tasks.  We recommend removing all the extra items, check for expiration dates, and evaluate the usefulness.   We recommend using these vanity organizers for easy access.  Countertops are great places for creating a step by step daily grooming regimen.   Simplifying brushing equipment improves this task as well.

Eating for Life

Of the most important activities of daily living on our radar is eating and meal preparation.  Remove the expired groceries hiding in the pantry and cupboards along with unhealthy foods.  Pantry organizers are key for detecting expired food and hiding forbidden foods. What dishes, pots and pans, and utensils do you use daily?  Those items need to be stored within easy reach.  We recommend reducing countertop clutter with convenient sink shelves that organize those frequently used dining and food preparation items in plain view.

The ReSale Revolution is On Fire Today

Lastly,  Richard Eisenberg of Next Avenue penned “Nobody Wants Your Parents’ Stuff” which set the internet aflame with his message in 2017.  The message continues to resonate two years later but with a twist.  Today the creative class is turning what is discarded into new style treasures.  Old leather goods updated with motifs that appeal to trendy customized fashion.  Fast Company reports the Marie Kondo effect is spurring demand for vintage items powering new companies today.

Happy Spring Cleaning!