What’s Ahead for your Retirement?

How are you planning to spend your retirement years?  Do you anticipate living with increasing restrictions on abilities and resources?

According to a Northwest Mutual 2018 study the lack of retirement saving are alarming.  One third of all Baby Boomers have less than $25,000 set aside for retirement. Simply put, we need others people to assist us for things we used to be independently.  Most of us are accumulating numerous chronic conditions over our lifetime such as; arthritis, asthma, cancer, viruses, high blood pressure, diabetes and the list goes on and on.  These conditions may present us with some limitations in our daily lives. Unfortunately, most Americans are facing retirement with very little savings.

What are Home and Community Based Services?

Medicare and Medicaid have instituted  home and community based health services in 2019 through the insurance providers.  The goal of this new model is to keep people at home.  Living at home is considered the least restrictive and most economical place to spend our retirement years.   Home and community based service benefits range from:

  1. care coordination by a trained care manager
  2. assessment and support to make home a safe place to age
  3. engaging your caregivers, family members and your social network as active care team member
  4. strategies to remain at home and out of nursing home care

Do It Yourself Retirement Care

Health care providers are reaching us at home in many ways never imaged just two decades ago.  Telehealth, online virtual doctor and therapy visits, take away  transportation and accessibility issues.  How about using  health data trackers and voice first devices to create reminders and connections using the vast opportunities of today’s technology  to manage care at home.  Start your own long term care planning by signing up for a REUNIONCare Circle of Care account for free.

Death and Dying Plans

The likelihood of dying at home is increasing thanks to expansion of palliative and hospice care.  However,  care facilities, caregivers and family members often struggle with the process of dying, scared of the great unknowns of our final moments on earth.  Many times a last minute hospitalization can halt the hospice process and lead to a high tech death in an Intensive Care Unit.  Have you completed your  Do Not Resuscitate Order?  Do you have a POLST?  How about your living will?

My final moments on this planet will be beautiful according to my perfect scenario.  I will be surrounded by all those that I love or loved throughout my life.  I will be resting comfortably in comfy chair where I can meet their eyes and hugs eagerly.  Soothing piano music will fill the air along with the aroma of gardenias.  Everyone will be holding their favorite beverage which will be raised in spontaneous toasts to me and my well lived life .  Whatever conditions are eating away at my physical self will be controlled with natural medicines that keep me calm and comfortable.  The moment I slip away onto my next adventure I will sign off with a smile on my face and love in my heart.  Kumbaya.  If that doesn’t work.  I do have my backup plan, how about you?

Start your own long term care planning by signing up for a REUNIONCare Circle of Care account for free.