Daily Routine capture a range of activities that are more complex than those needed for personal self-care, including handling personal finances, meal preparation, shopping, traveling, doing housework, using the telephone, and taking medications

    • Doctors prescribe medications with the knowledge of what works best.
    • Pharmacists dispense and advise on how to take medicine.
    • Who will organize them?
    • In fact, caregivers report that managing medications are very stressful.
    • The bundle will give you the tools and confidence to succeed.
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    • Transport chairs are meant to be flexible mobility aids for travel and activity outside the home.
    • This means that weight is an essential consideration of any transport chair choice.
    • You will want a chair that is lightweight and flexible, easy to lift into a car trunk, or to carry up stairways.
    • In fact, this chair comes with a side back, gel seat cushion, and a transfer belt - everything you need!
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