Mobility Aids

Walkers, wheelchairs, canes or walking sticks all are made to keep our loved ones able to navigate at home or in the community safely.  CaregivingTech mobility aids include gait belts and other devices to make transferring from sitting to standing easier with a caregiver’s assistance.  CaregivingTech products include many motorized solutions to reduce the risk of falling or injury while moving about.

Shopping and Medical Visits

Physical and emotional conditions can undermine a senior or disabled person’s ability or confidence in going into the community. Outdoor safety products and recommendations are designed to overcome barriers to engaging in the community. The CaregivingTech team has selected products that are durable, lightweight and easy to operate to reduce the stress on caregivers and your loved ones.

Moving About at Home

Transferring in and out of chairs and bed

Caregivers often suffer back and neck injuries from lifting and repositioning loved ones even with proper training.  CaregivingTech products like seat lifts, car swivel seats and gait belts are must have tools for moving someone with a physical impairment.


Moving a loved one on and off the toilet can be difficult and exhausting.  CaregivingTech offers solutions for you.  Equally difficult is performing bathing, grooming and dressing a loved one in the bathroom.  We want to help make these tasks less physically demanding and safer for caregivers and loved ones alike.

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