Smart Home Technology

Caregiving technology is changing rapidly.  CaregivingTech is the best source for voice assisted technologies on the market today.  Remote monitoring devices with smart phone applications enable caregivers to remain connected even while away from their loved one.  Check our our solutions.

Voice First Devices

Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple Play are featured CaregivingTech hands free devices that can operate every electronic device in the home today.  Setting up these devices and the peripheral plugs and controls are easy as 1-2-3.

Home Safety and Security

CaregivingTech features the very best home monitoring and security systems on the market today.  The selected products can be operated remotely through a smart device application allowing caregivers to keep eyes on home now matter where they are.  Home monitoring cameras function as a visit verification system when outside help is coming to the home.

Motion Detection Lighting

Falls are reduced when adequate lighting illuminates hazards.  CaregivingTech features numerous options to light up your life.

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