Proactive Strategies for Mitigating Sundowners Syndrome

All Night Long is more than a Catchy Tune

We all need our shuteye.  The combination of our recent time change and Sundowners Syndrome robs many of us the ability to get restorative sleep at night.  Here are some helpful tips for managing your circadian clock in these trying times.

* Start preparing for a good night’s sleep in the morning.

Create and follow a daily routine. Morning stretching routine? Eating breakfast?  What works for you.  Be realistic and commit it in writing.

* Prepare a bed suitable for the Princess and the Pea.

Do you remember this Princess who could detect a tiny pea placed under her mattress and 20 feather bed pillows?  While the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale is amusing,  Poor sleeping patterns often associated with sundowner’s syndrome is not. There are products that can help to mitigate some of the physical distractions.  We recommend the following bedroom products:  install a  Comfort Mattress,  consider using a  Bed exit alarm, reduce body pressure points with a Bed Pressure Pump, connect to a monitoring app for  Wandering Prevention, and adjust bedding temperature controls with  Bed Cooling System.

* Environmental triggers can exacerbate anxieties of feeling unsafe.

Keep a journal to Jot down observations.  Try to draw attention away from troubling thoughts and anxieties by installing  Window Security Bars and emergency monitoring  Dual Fire and CO2 Alarm.

*Creating a soothing space that welcomes the night as a celebration.

Install motion sensor  LED Night Lights for safe night time trips to the bathroom.  Use calming sounds with the Sunrise Alarm Clock or an Amazon Dot with a smart plug to play and control sleep sounds.  Lastly, we recommend pleasant scents of lavender, rose, ylang-ylang, chamomile, blue tansy, frankincense, and others using as essential oil diffuser to fill the air with calming scents.

We wish you restorative sleep all night long.  Please visit our cool gadgets for caregiving at